March 22, 2010

Back to it...

I have been so darn busy and have really neglected the blog. So I am getting back to it. For me this blog was supposed to be a diary of sorts for our family events and Nathans adoption. I never even finished my posts on our trip to Ethiopia and we are getting close to A horrible is that?!?! I am going to try really hard to post a least once a week. Hopefully I still have people that will even read it. Probably not... If all else fails find me on Facebook! :)

Last weekend we had a little "House of Hope Reunion" with a group of families that all brought their little ones home from Ethiopia around the same time. It is really awesome seeing the babies playing together and see how much they have grown and changed in such a short time frame. I hope that over the years we will be able to keep the kids close and visit with each other often.

Here is a big group picture of all the babies. Nathan is second from the right

Nathan and Mommy :)

and my beautiful boy!

I "stole" the pics from other families. I did not get very many pics and since my camera stinks what I did get was horrible.