December 07, 2008

Austins First Wrestling Match

Austin had his first wrestling tournament today! He did awesome, he won first place and brought home a gold medal. He was so excited! When we first got there he was so nervous. He would not talk to anyone or move off the bleachers. After warming up with the rest of the team he loosened up and was not as nervous. I was able to video the entire first match which he won. I was shaking like crazy the whole time. I was more nervous than he was. The 2nd match he won by forfeit because the boy he was supposed to wrestle left, I guess Austin scared him off. :) The last match was the best and very intense, which he won. I thought I was taping the entire time but when we got home this evening I realized I had not pressed the button to actually record. How stupid could I be?!?! I pressed the button to "stop" recording after the match which actually started the recording instead so I got great footage of the floor as we walked around after the match. :( I am so upset that I did that. We had a great time, it was a long day but so much fun. Olivia made friends with a little boy wrestling that was her age, it was really cute. They hung out together the whole day.

December 06, 2008